About me

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Photo: A. Ylinen

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Amanda Pylkkänen (born in 1995) and I’m studying dance pedagogy specializing in jazz dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, DOCH. I was born in Vantaa but I spent my childhood and youth in Nurmijärvi, Finland. I have actively trained different styles of dance in different places and dance schools in Finland since I was 5 years old.


My chosen path to study dance and in particular dance pedagogy happened naturally; I knew that I somehow wanted to work with dance. Teaching has always been a vocation for me. Before DOCH I trained mostly modern and contemporary dance which I still consider as ”my thing” but because of active training, also in jazz dance and ballet, has made me a versatile dancer and teacher. I have jazz dance as my main subject because picking modern and contemporary dance would have been too obvious and an easy choice for me. Familiarization of jazz dance gives me hundreds of new ways to explore modern and contemporary dance and vice versa. At the moment I’m having modern and contemporary dance and ballet as my secondary subjects to be proficient in their didactics to be able to teach them as well as jazz dance.


Besides dance teaching I’m also interested in working as a dancer, music theatre, singing and acting. I have been in two musicals as a dancer and singer and those experiences showed me that combining dance, singing and acting is the thing I enjoy the most as a performer. For me music generally is one of the most important aspects in choreographing and dancing itself. Often I become inspired by music, its rhythms and expression. The other thing I am interested in is combining dancing, performing and filming.


As a dancer I’m trying to challenge myself by going outside of my comfort zone and learning new things all the time. The best thing in dance is that you never stop developing. While my studying at DOCH I have had time to go really deep into my performing. Afore mentioning earlier perceiving all the exercises and choreographies and their movement quality so quickly helps me a lot to concentrate on other things than just technique or remembering. So therefore I have time to think and analyze the expression and my own interpretation of the dance. Because my background in dance is so wide when it comes to the styles I am able to perceive and embody the quality of the style which may not be familiar to me. That’s why I am able to perform nearly what ever even though I don’t necessarily have any knowledge of the style.



More information of my education and experience is on my CV.